Web Design Course

Web Design Course

The best web design course for HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Responsive Design, PHP, MySQL, WordPress…

Our Web Design Course is created specially for freshers and those who are new to web design. This course prepares you for the needs of a modern web design company. The course and its course material has been prepared with inputs from experts designers & developers working in leading design companies and MNCs. The course material is also regularly updated as per the latest trends. The course is not just limited to basic HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver etc but also makes you an expert in most modern technologies. Therse include Responsive Design, Symantic Web etc. The course also covers key back-end related concepts like PHP and MySQL followed by CMS basics using WordPress.

Why is this best course for HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Responsive Design & PSD to HTML?

  • Focussed on Job Placement & Job Interview
  • Course material developed by Industry’s design experts
  • Your teachers will be actual designers from IT Industry
  • Focus on modern technologies demanded by leading Web design companies and MNCs
  • Full of live hands-on exercises and projects
  • DICE Academy provides you best-in-class placement assistance
  • Bonus Personality Development Course covering Professional Communication, Email Etiquette and Interview Handling Skills

You will start by learning the basics of web – concepts like site structure, site theme, elements in a site etc. In the next steps, we will introduce you to basics of HTML coding that form the building blocks of a site. Over the first few weeks, you will learn basic to advanced tags of HTML and will be able to create simple to medium web pages at the end of first month. This will be followed by introduction to CSS. You will learn how to complete change the design of your web page using only css and without changing a single line of HTML code. By the end of second month, you will have learnt medium to advanced CSS that can be used to build any kind of web design. The second half of the course duration will concentrate on advanced concepts like HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Symantic Web and other advanced tools like PHP, MySQL, WordPress, CMS concepts etc.

Each student is also provided with multiple course books containing the latest course material. This course material is recommended by designers from the industry.

What should you know before you start Web Design Course?

  1. Basic computer knowledge
  2. Basic Internet usage knowledge
  3. Basic typing skills
  4. Basic reading/writing skills

What is covered in Web Design Course?

Learning Plan for Web Design Course

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UI/UX Development
JQuery Plugins
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