What is Graphic Design?

What is Graphic Design? – Explained!

If you are fresh graduate evaluating your future career options, then you must have stumbled upon the choices of Graphic Design Courses.

At DICE Academy, we interact with Students and their questions on daily basis. So, we know how confusing this can be. A student with a little or no knowledge of this industry usually has very confusing thoughts about what to choose. Some have heard about a handful of technologies from their friends/relatives/acquaintances and insist on learning only those without realising that each advanced technology is based on simpler and basic technologies. You first need to learn the basics before jumping on to something that your friend may be working at in an MNC.

Graphic design is the process of projecting ideas, experiences and messages with pictures, images, text and textures. The end result could be simply an image, an advertisement banner, a web page banner, a pamphlet, a brochure, a book, a magazine..the list is only limited by your imagination!
In the last 5-10 years and in the foreseeable future, graphic design is going to be very important aspect in most industries ranging from web design, print design, media, gaming and advanced life sciences.
Go for a graphic design course if you are naturally creative and have a knack for thinking outside the box.
Working in a design company is an execellent path to channelise your imagination and creativity into a career path. There is nothing better than making a salaty for doing something that you’re already passionate about.
There are many sub-categories that come under the term “design industry” like fashion designing, textile designing, interior designing, graphic designing for print and graphic designing for web.
While all these may or may not be similar in actual work, there are distinct differences as you begin to speciallize. Therefore you must understand what each field entails before venturing into one.

We are going to specifically talk about Graphic Design Courses and what all they cover.
Graphic Design is an excellent way to combine your love of technology with your passion for designing things. Within Graphic Design, there are two very closely relared sub-fields. These are:

  • Graphic Design for Print
  • Graphic Design for Web

While the nature of work can be quite different in the two, the basic and tools are quite similar. Therefore, any graphic design course should prepare you to be competent in both.
When it comes to learning Graphic Design, the coverage is not limited just to the tools used. In addition to your own creativity and the options in the tools, it is very important to understand that everything is being design for the experience of a user. This is where the UI and UX concepts come into the picture. No modern web design course, whether short term of long term can be said to be complete without some coverage or UI and UX concepts.
So, if you are thinking about becoming a graphics designer and attending a graphics design course, make sure that you check for tools, faculty expertise, industry tie-ups and full course coverage including UI and UX concepts. Here is an example of a complete Graphics Design Course