Career opportunities after 12th

DICE Academy courses

A 12th cretification is the basic essential certificate you should have in case you wish to pursue a career in IT industry. Accompained with some specialized courses, it can open a number of successful career opportunities in many fields. 12th may not be the final solution, but it is surely the best ladder to take you to the top of your career. Pursuing a course from a leading graphic design & web design institute can help you open a number of career opportunitues and your dream job in no time.

DICE Academy is a leading web design & development institute offering a wide range of graphic design, web design & advanced web development courses which supplemented with 12th can help you can find a job in a MNC software company where you’ll be offered an amazing salary package. You can apply to graphic design, web design & advanced web development corporate organizations and business entities involved in IT and ITES segments both in the private and public sector. You can apply for positions like:

  • Web Designer
  • Senior Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Senior Web Developer

Our graphic design & web design institute is funded & supported by The WebPlant, a leading web design & development company in Delhi NCR which employs more than 150 web designers.

We offer a number of courses as per your interest & requirement. Our Web Design courses are short-term so that you are ready for a job in a few weeks. We cover all the topics in few weeks which other leading institutes take months/years to complete. This eventually reduces the price you pay for the courses.

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