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Learn HTML

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To build websites, you should know about HTML — the fundamental technology used to define the structure of a webpage. HTML is used to specify whether your web content should be recognized as a paragraph, list, heading, link, image, multimedia player, form, or one of many other available elements or even a new element that you define.

To really learn HTML, you need to learn CSS & basics of Javascript & JQuery coding along with it.

Learning pathway

Ideally you should start your learning journey by learning HTML. You may then move on to learning about more advanced topics such as:

  • CSS, and how to use it to style HTML (for example alter your text size and fonts used, add borders and drop shadows, layout your page with multiple columns, add animations and other visual effects.)
  • JavaScript, and how to use it to add dynamic functionality to web pages (for example find your location and plot it on a map, make UI elements appear/disappear when you toggle a button, save users’ data locally on their computers, and much much more.)

At DICE Academy, we focus that you learn HTML, CSS & Web Design so that you can create any kind of website with ease. We give you detailed understanding of UI/UX so that you understand the various components of Web Design. We make learning web design fun!

Why is this best course to learn how to web design?

  • Complete coverage of Graphics Design and Web Design
  • Focussed on Job Placement & Job Interview
  • Course material developed by Industry’s design experts
  • Your teachers will be actual designers from IT Industry
  • Focus on modern technologies demanded by leading Web design companies and MNCs
  • Full of live hands-on exercises and projects
  • DICE Academy provides you best-in-class placement assistance
  • Bonus Personality Development Course covering Professional Communication, Email Etiquette and Interview Handling Skills
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Learning Plan for HTML

Basic HTML
Introduction to HTML
– What is HTML?
– Tag Syntax
– Create HTMLHTML Document
– Structure
– Doctype
– html element
– head element
– body elementBasic content
– Headings
– Paragraph
– Line
– List
— unordered list
— ordered list
— definition list
– ImageHyperlinks
– What is Hyperlinks
– Hyperlinks
– Relative paths or Absolute URL
— Relative path
— Absolute URLTables
– Table
– Table row
– Table data
– Table heading
– CaptionsForms
– User-submittable form
— The action attribute
— The method attribute
– Form controls
— The Input element
—- type=”text”
—- type=”radio”
—- type=”tel”
—- type=”email”
– The textarea element
– Select menu
— The select element
— The option element
– buttonOther HTML ELEMENT
– pre
– blockquote
– center
– u
– i
– b
– br
– font
– marquee
– small
– sub , sup
– strike
Advanced HTML
Introduction to HTML Doctype
– The HTML5 doctype
– The HTML 4.01 strict doctype
– The HTML 4.01 transitional doctype
– The XML 1.0 strict and transitional doctypes
– The HTML 4.01 and XML 1.0 frameset doctypes
– Other doctypesList of HTML ELEMENT
– Grouping content
— div
– Text-level semantics
— cite
— code
— em
— kbd
— span
– Sections
— section
— nav
— article
— aside
— header
— footer
— addressEmbedded content
— canvas
— map
— area
— svg
— audio
— iframe
— video
— embedHTML structural elements
– simple page structure using basic html
– Structuring a page with HTML 4
— div , span structure
– Enter HTML5 structural elements
— header, footer , nav , article , aside , section